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Ever lamented those around you who seem to get everything they want? While you work hard, they inherit a fortune or keep winning rewards without hardly trying? ~ Teeth gritted through a smile, as you try to be happy for them, but all you want is some of those same mercies. ~ Life can seem so unfair. But did you know you have a prize, a free-gift that keeps on giving? ~ I am staggered by the beauty in just one scripture I read today. How can one sentence say so much? ~ Even if you've never read the Bible, come with me on a journey through 2 Peter 1:3. ~ "His divine power has GIVEN us EVERYTHING we need for a Godly life, THROUGH our knowledge of Him who CALLED us by His OWN glory and goodness." ~ Let's break it down: ~ "His divine power"... ~ (Way more than we could ever muster. So much so, that we can let go and let the greatest power in the universe take over).... ~ ..."has given us everything we need for a Godly life"... ~ (Within this free gift, He will refine you and perfect you, create new healthy desires in you and a thirst for goodness and wisdom)... ~ ..."through our knowledge of Him"... ~ (All you need to do to get that wisdom is a desire to know God. Believe in Him, and read of His character in the Bible)... ~ ..."who called us BY His own glory"... ~ (That's the BEST part. We are not standing alone. He covers us with HIS perfection and purity. We don't need to strive to be enough). ~ It's as if we are coated in the purest gold (His love and grace) and it fortifies us. ~ WOW. This inheritance is one that will never fade, and it's available for all.

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