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Hitting the half-way mark into the 1st month of a new year, it's easy to forget the fleeting rest you had in that delicious period where most of the world pressed pause, for a least a week, on sending emails and making requests: ushering in a break from the expectation of heavy work.

For many, it's a once-a-year reset on the frenetic rhythms of life. And, hopefully, you returned to work refreshed and ready for the marathon ahead.

But did you know that is actually God's design? He wants us to live in, and accept our human limitations and allow ourselves to really REST when we rest, and RELEASE when we sleep.

How often do we really do that?

Guilt tends to grip our supposed rest time, and Netflix-search brain-freeze steals the rest.

The result: we never fully rest and repair, then we go back to the busy-work of life with drained batteries and wonder why we feel stressed and numb!

We KNOW we have to charge our cellphones with the right power cord, so why do we get lazy when it comes to our own regeneration?

This year, I humbly suggest (as a fellow struggler against rest) that we take hold of one the oldest biblical truths and truly take a Sabbath.

A day of rest or even periods of deep rest. Ideally, a 12hr window, on ANY day of the week, where we truly DELIGHT in life and not just struggle through it.

How to delight? Cook something fun, turn up the music and dance in your living room, take a walk and drink in nature, look at a painting and marvel at the workmanship, play a board game with your family and giggle until it hurts, crank up the volume on a transcendent Opera or Classical concerto and allow God to transport you out of your busy life.

Afterall: If we want to do our best work, we need to do our best rest.

It's God's design.


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