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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Completely swept away with my latest book read, 'Jesus Revolution' by Greg Laurie and Ellen Vaughn.

The incredible moment in the early 1970s when a spontaneous movement of the Holy Spirit broke out among hundreds of thousands of youth and hippies - in Costa Mesa, on the West Coast of USA and spread across the world. Bible studies caught fire in coffee houses, strip clubs converted into Christian meeting places, and 80,000 teens gathered for a 4-day Billy Graham festival dubbed the 'Christian Woodstock'.

QUOTE...."Most of them had a least one thing on common: they were desperate. They'd sought peace, love, and community in the utopian versions of the day. They'd thought drugs would bring spiritual enlightenment, or that sex would bring love, that music would bring community, or all those things would bring freedom.

They had been disappointed by the counterfeits and were hungry for what was real. They were willing to go to any lengths, or on any trip, to find what they were looking for.

When they heard about the gospel - the good news of Jesus Christ and that he was real and alive and loved the whole world, it blew their minds."

As I finish the last page this morning, tears fill my eyes... Here I am, a byproduct of that movement: my parents were hippies who were saved when the Jesus Revolution hit Australia. They left their hippie communes, threw away their drugs, and began living in Christian communities helping others and learning about Jesus.

Today, I live one suburb away from where the movement started in the 70's and I am completely in awe of the game-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Completely electrifying, earth shaking and chain-breaking freedom that breaks away years of pain to reveal the truth: you are loved.

God is real, will you let a revolution stir in your heart today?


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