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Arriving at my 2nd meeting with a teen I'm mentoring in a Foster home, my mind was racing with a million thoughts of all the plans I should have researched for our time together.

Surely I needed some well-thought-out, engaging activity to open both of our hearts and connect us closer! But the work-day had been busy and I had simply run out of time. - Feeling like a mentor failure I walked into the group home and there she was baking cookies for another teen's birthday. Phew! Something to do! -- We spent the next two hours laughing and learning together as we messed up the recipe, started again, made more mistakes, improvised, and finally had success baking in the oven. -- Isn't that just how life works! We think we need to plan, to orchestrate meaningful moments, to make things perfect by ourselves - but so often the lessons-of life are waiting for us in the little tasks, the mundane, even the silly. God knows just what we need, when we need it. -- Turns out, cookies and giggles were as effective as any wise sermon or self-help strategy I could have thought of. -- Perhaps the best recipe is to LET GO of how we think things should be and let Him create our day. So much more fun than stressing, and a lot more fulfilling 💗

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