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Have you ever wondered, exactly what IS God's plan for your life? ~ At your lowest moments, life can seem like a random collection of meaningless tasks and shallow interactions, yet God sees more. ~ God sees the plotline He has created, weaving gently through your moments: a tender and glorious journey to make you more like Jesus. ~ You may not see it, but that doesn't stop it from being true. ~ So what CAN you do, to eek more joy and purpose out of each moment? ~ It's actually beautifully simple: look at each moment as God's orchestrated design to grow you. ~ To grow your compassion for those you shuffle past, ignoring their gaze and pain. ~ Grow your patience and endurance, so your tired eyes and ears can begin to sense the ministry-need in each moment, waiting to be filled by you. ~ To grow your wisdom, so you remember to whisper His name for help, before you complain, text or post. ~ To grow your teflon coat: the knowing that you are His child and therefore have inbuilt protection, if you will only remember what you're made of BEFORE you allow circumstances to deflate you. ~ When you see each moment as a bubble of beauty, holding His desire to comfort, sustain, and enrich you, then your purpose is crystal clear! ~ See the moments with fresh eyes, soak in His gifts within each one, and you will see your live filled with depth, life, and purpose. ~ Your purpose is NOT a mystery. ~ It's a simple formula: Grow more like Jesus each day, so you feel alive, and can help others feel the same. ~ What could be better? ~

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