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Have you ever wished for a bestie you can't tire-out? ~ The kind that's available whenever you need them, and will just listen, really listen, without a shred of judgment. ~ A friend who will hold you as you cry, listen with their eyes and not top your story with a better one of theirs (even unintentionally). ~ One who will laugh with you, and sit with you for hours as you talk: allowing everything to come out - without offering a quick solution or trying to patch your feelings. ~ Somebody who knows everything you've been through, even the things you're not even admitting to yourself just yet, and takes that all into account when you react badly. ~ A friend who will both defend you AND gently challenge you when you need it. ~ Someone you can't wear out, by talking about the same thing again and again, who won't give up on you when you fall into the same traps, over and over. ~ One who is always thinking of you and wondering how they can support you, and will even send people your way that could be of help, when you need it. ~ Your wish has been granted, Jesus is this friend, if only you will let Him fill this role in your heart. ~ Give it a try, talk to Him about whatever delights you or upsets you, anything that's on your mind. These tiny steps, throughout your day, will keep you connected to the daily bestie by your side. ~ Get what you need from the ultimate source. And, you'll find your human relationships growing as they are no longer drained by your need for what they cannot give, which your Father offers an abundant supply. ~ "You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forever more." Psalm 16:11 ~

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