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After years of creativity as a writer, speaker, radio announcer, and TV spokesperson, I often assumed that being a Christian would mean losing my edge. That somehow all the wit and wordplay would dry up and life might become, well, boring.

I could not have been more wrong! And it makes sense. The creator of the universe is infact highly creative! And when you fully release to Him, and hold nothing back, something rather incredible happens.

God literally wakes me up with ideas and inspiration, now. Rather than hours staring at a blank page, most of my speech or blog is written for me in my waking moments.

When I felt the call to write another book, the only book I've ever penned that actually matters: my personal story of running from God and how he gently pursued me, culminating in a heroic story of rescue and deep restoration from my past, I was in the busiest season of my life and told Him, He would have to find time for me to write as I had none.

Days later, my God-alarm started. Usually at 7am riser, a silent internal nudge woke me at 5am and I began writing in the dark for 2hours. 6months later, and I had the first draft of my book. My husband read it and said, "Who wrote this!?" Turns out, God-infused writing is way better than my own raw skill could ever be.

God IS the creator of Creativity.

Are you driving deep in your time with Him to allow more of yours out?

The world needs your story and your vulnerability. Won't you let Him in, and let your story out?





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