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Do you ever wonder how some Christians can be onfire for God, intimately connected to Him (so much that they seem to almost glow with His love)... while other believers grasp for intimacy with but feel distant and wonder why they can't find that same depth of connection? ~ Are there two different versions of God? Or is there a better way to view Him and draw Him nearer? ~ Without a doubt, the intensity of God's love for both believers is unending, the full forgiveness is the same, He never leaves either believers' side, and both are justified from the moment they professed faith, so what could be the difference? ~ Perhaps the hint is in the prayer for salvation: "Jesus, please come into my life as my LORD and SAVIOR." ~ Lord AND Savior. Are you placing Jesus in BOTH these places in your life? ~ SAVIOR = seeing Jesus, and Jesus alone, as our rescuer. This isn't just a one-time prayer. It's a daily choice to place Jesus as the ONLY one we rely on to save us. Not our talents, not our finances, our job, our partner, friends or family, only Jesus. ~ LORD = all your decisions fall under His Lordship. A daily choice to place Jesus above our wishes, and make Him the full controller and Lord of our life. Also, not just a one-time decision but an active, daily obedience. ~ Do a quick check: is Jesus your CURRENT Lord and Savior, or have you unconsciously placed someone or something else in that place? ~ Removing yourself, or others, as Sovereign over your life + placing Jesus back in His rightful place will deepen your intimacy like you can't even imagine. ~ Then, you can't help but glow! ~

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