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Ever had that feeling of helplessness when something you don't even realize you so rely upon, suddenly stops working?

This past weekend, only 5 minutes after my IT guru husband left to go away for one night, the internet just stopped working.

After following his instructions to reset the modem, and spending an hour on the phone with our provider - it still didn't work and I decided it wasn't so important, surely I could get by without it.

The hours crept by slowly, and the number of things I used every day which needed wifi mounted up. How could I have become so dependent on waves of power floating through the air!?

The next morning, with the wifi still down I stared out the window and noticed something different. Silence.

The air was still, the birds were singing the most beautiful tune and the palpable peace almost made me cry.

I sat down and talked to God. Telling Him how sorry I was that I ignore Him much of the time, how beautiful He had made the world and I was sorry I didn't notice its beauty more often.

Alexa wasn't working to play my morning music so I just started singing gently myself and then it happened: a wave of gratitude that the internet was down.

'Thank you, God, for shaking me out of my everyday!' I said, tears filling my eyes.

The front door suddenly burst open, and my 10-year-old strolled in from a sleepover with a friend. Seeing me with tears streaming down my face she said, "What's wrong Mom, and why is it so quiet in here?" She picked up a remote, flicked a few buttons and the internet hummed to life.

I laughed so hard, and cried all at the same time, trying to explain to my daughter what the last 12 hours had taught me.

Turns out, God knows what I need so much more than I do.

Every day, He orders my steps, and yours, and I had just received exactly what I needed.

What do you need?

Proverbs 16:9

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