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What is the main idea on your heart each day? ~ Amongst all the thoughts that bounce around, there is always one main theme that stands out. ~ If your thoughts could be summed up in one word, what would that word be? ~ Is it 'hope', 'forgiven' or 'defeat', 'lost'? ~ If you're struggling to come up with one word, imagine this: if your mind was a movie genre, would it be a comedy, an uplifting spiritual film or a thriller? ~ Truth is, our minds are jammed full with memories of our best and our worst. ~ We know we need to turn our mind to what is lovely and pure (Philippians 4:8) but how do we do that in our weaker moments, when those memories play tug-of-war in our hearts? ~ Trying to 'think positive' works just about as well as shoving all our mess under the carpet and expecting not to trip over it... ~ ...But what if God has a better idea? ~ A way to clear & sort your mind, so that His goodness rises to the top of your thoughts? ~ It all comes down to what we remember - and what we forget. ~ The daily tragedy in my own mind is I remember - and hold onto - what Jesus wants me to release to Him. And I forget what He wants me to remember (that He is sovereign over all and is in control). ~ Will you be brave today? ~ Ask God, "What do you want me to forget and what do you want me to remember?" ~ He offers you release from what you were never meant to hold onto, and plans to replace it with His freedom. ~ So much better! ~

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