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Do you watch others around you, flourishing in their God-breathed purpose, and wonder when YOUR time will come? ~ It's so easy to compare, but God doesn't use a cookie-cutter when designing your specific purpose. ~ It's UNIQUE to you: what you've journeyed through, struggled past, bled, cried, and laughed through. ~ All the blips on the radar of your life (even the ones you wish you could delete) are preparing you for your ministry purpose. ~ God has pre-determined your ministry scope, in the area He has you living and working, and with the people around you (along with the 'doors' that will open when you're brave enough to 'jiggle the handle'). ~ John 7:38 says, 'He who believes in me... Out of his heart will flow rivers of healing water'. Regardless of how small the visible effects of our lives may appear to be, you ARE blessings others. ~ So, why can't you SEE it yet? ~ Oswald Chambers, writes, "A river (your ministry/blessing of others) is victoriously persistent, overcoming all barriers. For a while it goes steadily on its course and then it hits an obstacle... For a time it's blocked, yet it soon makes its pathway around the obstacle. Often a river will drop out of sight completely for miles... Later to emerge again even broader and greater than ever". ~ Think of the healing and far-reaching rivers, that will nourish, through you!! ~ You have a purpose, you have a mission, and a ministry. ~ Focus on Jesus and allow Him to flow through you, even in your pain, and He will bless many through you. ~

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