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Every once in a while, God will impress something on your heart that is just for you, and none other. A personal challenge, a task, even a mission he has set for you.

It's not a 'Do this or else', it's a 'I have so much more for you if you take this adventure with me.'

Have you heard any nudging's? Did you follow them or let them disappate in the breeze ? - I'd love to hear your stories of when you followed them, or forgot them and how it changed things. - I had a nudging, one I've been ignoring for a few years now, to release and fully trust Him with finances. To remember that he gives it all to me anyway. - I asked myself, 'Who could I be if I didn't live in fear of lack'. If I stepped out in total trust in this area of my life and gave generously of my treasure and time. I want to be generous in all areas of my life. Afterall, He gave, so I give. - Someone once said, 'Blessing should never stop with you, you are a conduit of blessing that flow from God, through you, to others.' - And so I began, I took the leap and it feels so good. It's as if I've given God the reins a little more, saying, 'I trust you'. And I feel Him whispering, 'I have so much more for you, sitting on the other side of that fear'. - Yours may well be different to mine. His nudges are personalized to you. - I encourage you to take his hand and find out what He has for you, on the other side of your fears.

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