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Ever wonder how some people are bounding forward in their ministry and God-directed purpose with energy & momentum while others stop & start, doubt their calling, and fall down under the weight of impossibility? ~ Could it be that they are drawing from different wells of strength? ~ There are two sources of inspiration, power, and energy we can choose to draw from as we grow toward our calling. ~ One is finite: our own well, filled with our personal opinion of what think we can do. ~ The other is infinite: deeper and wider than anything you can imagine, it's filled with God's power and plan for your life. ~ Once God gives you a vision (picture, word, idea) of what He wants to do through you, He then begins to shape and mold you to be able to fulfill His plan. ~ This is where we have a part to play... As He is shaping you, which well of inspiration will you choose to drink from: your OWN finite source or HIS infinite source? ~ If you're only drinking from your well, then you're right, you most certainly 'can't' fulfill His plan. But drink from His well and you most certainly 'can!' ~ Oswald Chambers wrote, "God gives us a vision, and then takes us into the valley to mold us into the shape of that vision. It's in that valley that so many give up. Allow the Potter to put you on his wheel, and as surely as God is God, and you are you, you will turn out as an exact likeness of the vision." ~ Surrender to His glorious plan for more. ~ Stop drawing from the well of 'I can't' and draw from the well of 'He can.' You'll be so glad you did! ~

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