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A debrief on school playground drama and dynamics, from my 10year old daughter yesterday, really made me think about where we go with our worries.

There we sat on the front-stoop in the fall-sun, drinking hot tea as she shared all her little-girl-troubles. She was sad that a particular friend couldn't show compassion for her when she needed it, even though she is was always there for her.

Her little freckled nose crinkled up as a tiny tear traced the line down to her chin. Those parenting moments are so hard aren't they? All mommas want to do is wrap them up in our arms, rock them like a huge baby and take the pain away.

"The truth is", I told her, "that little girl is just not equipped to show you the compassion you want from her right now." "She's just not built like that, she might grow in that area but she can't give what she doesn't have". - "What you'll see, as you grow darling, is that different friends can provide different things you need but no one friend has it all, all the time. So the trick is to appreciate them for what they do give, and take your frustrations to Dad and I and we'll help you through them." - She looked up and smiled, a wave of relief flashing across her face. She remembered she has people bigger than her that she could come to and that she didn't need to manage her whole life on her own. - She walked off, happy again, I sat there a moment, taking in this beautiful momma/daughter moment and the lesson in it for me (because there always is one). - How often I forget that there's someone bigger than me that I can sit on the front-stoop with and release all my worries and frustrations to! - And how much I tend to casually load up a whole lotta hope & expectation on people to give me what I need - when the pure source of EVERYTHING is humbly waiting in the wings for me to drawn on His wisdom and comfort. - We were never meant to fully rely on others, we are designed to lean on God in those moments. The one who truly has what we need, and is fully equipped for any situation that we face. - Thank you, darling daughter, for the reminder today. 'God, I will come to you first, and I will appreciate the beauty in others without expecting them to supply my every emotional need.' Now I'm the one with a tear in the eye haha :-) - God is sitting on the front stoop of your mind, ready with a soothing drink to quench the thirst you may not even realize you have. - Are you ready to set your 'grown up worries' down before your Father? He has what you need.

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