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Isn't it interesting how music can bring even the hardest-of-hearts to tears?

The chords in a rousing Mozart concerto, a child singing Opera with the most angelic voice you have ever heard. Whole TV's shows are based around this phenomenon of music taking us to heavenly heights... but why do we cry?

The question has stumped experts for eons, but the stats speak volumes. 'Psychology Today' reports that 89.8% have experienced feeling like crying by hearing music.

How could so many be affected, across cultures and beliefs?

It's as if there is a universal truth threaded through us all.

Could it be that we all know, deep down, even those who don't believe, that God created music, beauty and all the extraordinary talent and inspiration in us?

Perhaps it reminds us, somehow, of a knowledge of heaven woven into our hearts from a Heavenly Father who knows we will be together again. Like a love-letter you read when you feel far away, this inbuilt response is hardwired into us all.

And the fact that even those who don't believe God actually exists still experience this deep down in their 'souls': speaks volumes to the miracle of His design.

This Christmas season, as much of the world sings worship songs without even realizing, and even the unbeliever may shed a tear, let's thank God for that Christmas miracle: which could very well be a siren-call from the Creator to a person who is currently denying His existence.

God speaks through music - will you listen?

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