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Ever posed a 'Yes' or 'No' question to God and been frustrated when He doesn't seem to respond? A simple: should I move to a smaller/larger apartment? Should I take this job? ~ We know we need to seek God in our decision making, so why does He sometimes appear not to answer? ~ The frustration is compounded when we hear stories of other believers questions being responded to in clear signs & guidance from God. We're happy for them, but we want that for us too! It can all leave you feeling a little, well... unheard. ~ I've experienced both, and it's led me to wonder: perhaps there are some questions God has strong guidance on, and others that are less critical in the trajectory of our life? ~ In those cases, it's almost as if God is less concerned by which THING we choose, and more focused on WHO we become in the process of coming to Him with the question. ~ As if the sheer act of bringing our decisions to Him: is refining us, smoothing off our self-reliance, and leading us to an awareness of our deep dependence on Him. ~ In those moments where you don't hear a clear answer from God right away, rather than losing hope or doubting God's goodness, what if we just learn to enjoy the process of coming to Him with our decisions anyway? ~ Oswald Chambers wrote, "God always answers, however the evidence of the answer, in the area we want it, may not immediately follow." ~ Perhaps the answer to prayer is learning to trust his goodness & provision, even in the absence of answers. Making it less about needing a reply, and more about building intimacy by including Jesus in every part of our lives. ~

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