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During this day your Father has lined up for you, why not try something new....? ~ Train yourself to notice the opportunities He has woven into this day: through people, circumstances, challenges, and difficulties to bring you CLOSER to Him. ~ Not surprisingly, the doorway to feeling closer to God is to TRUST in Him more. ~ So, in His mercy, he peppers opportune moments for you to grow those Trust-Muscles throughout your day: : • That invitation to do something you wouldn't normally say yes to • Someone who needs help moving • A friend's angry rant on social media • Even that unexpected bill that will use up the last of your funds... ~ All of these are well hidden gems of growth. ~ The invitation: develop your trust-muscles by leaning in, reaching out, crying out to God and saying wholeheartedly, 'I trust you'. ~ I TRUST YOU enough to not freak out when that bill comes in. You provide everything I need. ~ I TRUST YOU to give me energy to help my friend move, try surfing for the first time, register for that class that's out of my comfort zone. ~ I TRUST YOU enough to fill me with your word, so I can pour love on that friend posting their anger or pain on social media. ...And... I trust that YOU have them in the palms of your hands. I don't need to solve their problems, agree with them or disagree with them but I CAN show unconditional love & shine your light. ~ I TRUST YOU no matter my circumstances. ~ I T.R.U S.T. YOU, Jesus. ~ What a way to live out this day! ~

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