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WRITE A DIFFERENT LIST: draw on His power, not your willpower

This New Years Eve, rather than write a list of New Years Resolutions (ways for me to improve myself), I'm actually excited to make a different list. ° A 'New Years Revelation' list: with all the ways I am weak, the things I fail in, and the struggles. ° Why? Because I have a tendency to think I can do MORE than I can, and God can do LESS than he can. I'm super quick to rely on self and slower to rely on Jesus. ° But this list will turn my attention away from 'self' and onto God. Focusing on the ONLY one powerful enough to rescue and change me: my Jesus. ° This list will remind me that any wins this coming year are due to God's good grace, and any losses are opportunities to fall at His feet in surrender. ° Theologian, Oswald Chambers, wrote, "The sign that God is at work in us, is he is destroying our confidence in our natural virtues. We want to cling to cling to our natural virtues, while all the time God is trying to get us in contact with the life of Jesus Christ." ° The only thing I really need in 2022 is to REMEMBER my NEED for Jesus. ° This year, let's stop trusting in 'self', and lean heavily on our God. The gift that keeps on giving, and the Revelation that never changes! °

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