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That lyric, perfectly describes the beginning of my awakening to the actual experience of God's love.

It was MUSIC that first opened me to the reality. An unplanned visit to a little Malibu church, a spark of emotion from my mother's untimely passing, and a beautiful song I had never heard before, strummed on an acoustic guitar in an intimate room -- I was lost in a new world I had not experienced before.

The tears flowed gently, as if cleansing me from the inside out. And as the song whispered a new possibility to me, I wondered, maybe there was a God, maybe He still loved me. Maybe, I wasn't too far gone.

As my mind gently searched for answers, the melody unraveled my questions. I just sat down and let the new possibility wash over me. I didn't fight it, I had run out of my strength.

I didn't know what I believed as I walked out of that church, but I did know what I felt was real. More real than anything I had EVER experienced.

My next brave step was just to download that song. I listened to it for months. One song led me to another as God gently unhinged my bitterness, my shame, my cold-heart, and my pointless resistance to truth, all through music.

WILL YOU BE BRAVE? I challenge you to set down your questions and struggles for a moment, listen to the words of a beautiful worship song and let His love melt your worries and fears away. It might just transform your life the way it did mine.

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