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We've all heard, many times, that we are created in the image of God, yet: when we know what goes on in our own thoughts, it's easy to feel distant from His nature. ~ Yet, there is one very tangible way YOU REFLECT GOD every day: each time you create something new! ~ Since God is the master creator, making the heavens, the earth, all of us: down to every incredibly intricate simple cell (that modern Science can't even come close to replicating).... ~ ...then ANY TIME you make something new you are reflecting God! ~ Kind of puts a new spin on cooking dinner tonight, doesn't it. ~ So, as you go about your day, notice all the times you create something new, that didn't exist in that form before... ~ ...Writing a single word on a post-it-note, having a conversation, gardening, music, sports, baking, decorating, art, thinking up a new solution to a problem... ~ ...Marvel at children building things with Lego, drawing, making up stories as they play... ~ And say to yourself, "We are delighting in God right now, through the creativity He gave us." ~ Theology Author, Wayne Grudem, said it this way: "Wholeheartedly enjoy creative activities with an attitude of Thanksgiving that our creator, God, enables us to imitate him in our creativity!" ~

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