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Author, Speaker, Globally
Ordained & Licensed Chaplain


"Following MY dreams turned into the biggest nightmare and greatest adventure of my life. Thank goodness, God had a plan better than mine!"


From small beginnings in a Hippy Commune to all the glamor, fame, and trappings of Prime-Time TV, Bestselling Books, Nationally Syndicated Radio show, Tours of Iraq with the Troops, success, scandal, shame, hurt, death, hopelessness... Bessie and her husband's life transformed entirely after they set out in a small van around the world on their crazy 8-year, intense 'Life Change Experiment.

 "After trying literally everything under the sun to find happiness, I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be sharing with others the 'shocking' power of God's restoring love... I couldn't believe I had missed out on this miracle all these years!"

Now, Bessie's passion is to be a Spiritual Freedom Fighter: working with groups, organizations, and individuals around the world to re-educate people on the amazing value of doing life through Jesus' limitless grace and power.

"We have forgotten, we are not alone!! Who wouldn't want to do life with the infinite power of the universal Creator on their side???


CURRENT Projects
Best Selling Author -New Book
International Speaker
Ordained and Globally Licensed Chaplain

CEO -Freedom Fighter Ministries
Founder - Soul Spa Live
Seminary Masters Degree - in progress



The epic adventures of two Atheists fed up with the hollowness of their 'successful life' but with a passion for truth. A journey to find out first-hand if anyone had the answer: and if God, Spirituality, or Faith were a REAL THING or just wishful thinking........

What was discovered transformed their life paths forever. 


5am WAKE UP CALL: I love spending time with God early morning.​

My own 'wake up call' came at the end of our adventure, when I experienced God's presence firsthand and realized, "WOW! This stuff is real!"

I believe now is the time to re-awaken a generation that has fallen asleep to the incredible passion and power of God in our lives. So now my greatest joy is to share it with you. No 'theory, No airy-fairy. No dogma or self-help blah blah......Just a tried and tested, soul-reviving-path to freedom.....Jesus!

​Life Change starts HERE -  let's do it together  :-)



Coming Soon!

What would happen if you had it all and decided to give it all away to find the TRUE meaning of life? 

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