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Speaking at Women's Groups, Churches, Seminars, and Conferences across the USA & Australia, Bessie shares her incredible story and the role her spiritual quest played in transforming her into a woman-on-fire.

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"my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter Ministries 
Ordained Chaplain & Masters in Biblical/Theology studies (in progress)

Freedom Fighter Ministries is Bessie's umbrella Ministry, spanning a wide demographic, through her speaking, Chaplaincy, and study at Seminary. Bessie's goal is to reach the downhearted, overworked, depressed, stressed, forgotten, and marginalized of all ages and walks of life.


We all battle the soul-destroying epidemic of modern life. The insane expectations, 'keeping up appearances', counterfeit happiness, and hollow values. Her mission: to show there really is a better way and to provide a path to freedom, love, and lasting change - through a deeper, more practical and personal connection with the Creator. Nothing beats the first-hand experience of the perfect love of Jesus.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

The facilitator of a ground-breaking program, by Peter Scazerro, which integrates spirituality with a revolutionary emotional-health course.

  • The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality

  • Know Yourself That You May Know God

  • Journey Through the Wall

  • Enlarge Your Soul Through Grief and Loss

  • Grow Into an Emotionally Healthy Adult


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Soul Spa

Who doesn't want a little peace in their life? I developed Soul Spa, for women like me, to be a literal Peace-Bath. Helping them slow down, break the tension of the week, rest & recover long enough to feel God's love, even if they don't yet believe, revealing a fresh perspective and lightness that flows through relationships and work in the days to follow.

PEACE-BATH & PRAYER IMMERSION creating space for women to feel God’s love, hear God's voice, and then support and affirm one another through a unique and powerful session of uplifting and encouraging prayer.

Find out more here:

Soul Spa

Women's Warrior Camp

A three-day spiritual adventure-retreat boldly designed to transform women in brave & courageous Warriors for God.


Through teaching sessions, small groups, quiet time, and fun activities we explore together what is to walk in freedom, claim our identity in Christ, and love others well.

Warrior Camp

'Wake Up' with Bessie  Blog

One thing I learned on my adventures, real growth comes from great community. My Wake Up with Bessie Blog/Newsletter and Facebook page is all about sharing inspiration, blessings, updates and some of the amazing wisdom picked up on our 8 year Life Change Experiment. 


Foster Youth Speaker, Camp Counsellor & Children’s Worship Leader


Fun activities, workshops, and talks that weave through spiritual guidance and emotional support for Youth in a safe, fun, and confidential environment.

Seeing each individual as a Leader, a World-Changer, and a unique Masterpiece with skills the world needs. Reinforcing God's truth that they are loved, seen, and heard.

Youth Worship

​Prison Ministry

Bringing the truth of God’s reckless & never-failing love to women who are incarcerated.

Holding firm to the power of restoration for all, this group-experience creates a space of possibility and healing that can ripple through other inmates, staff, and even flow through to their family at home.

Prison ministry


Bessie has spoken at, hosted and MC'd many charity events including:

  • Ambassador:  Make A Wish Foundation 

  • Speaker, Save the Children

  • MC, Salvation Army

  • MC, Starlight Foundation

  • MC, Autism Spectrum Australia

  • MC, Diabetes Foundation

  • Speaker, Variety the Children’s Charity

  • Speaker, Variety Heart Awards

  • Host, McDonald's, McHappy Day

  • MC, Leukemia Foundation

  • MC, Sydney Children’s Hospital

  • MC, Smith Family

  • MC, Spastic Centre

  • MC, Quadriplegic Association

  • MC, Centre for Mental Health

  • Speaker, Foster Youth Christmas Party

  • MC, Wayside Chapel

  • MC, Barnardo’s: the Children’s Charity

  • MC, Careflight

  • MC, ACON

  • MC, Bobby Goldsmith

  • MC & Auctioneer, The Humour Foundation Laugh Doctors in hospitals

  • MC, MS Society

  • MC, McGrath Foundation (Breast Cancer)

  • MC, Bonnie Babes

  • Speaker, Shave for a Cure

  • MC, Special Children’s Christmas Party 

  • MC, Dr Victor Chang Heart Foundation

  • MC, Life Force Cancer Foundation

  • Spokesperson, Sunnyfield

  • Speaker, Smile Doctors

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